The Secret of Successful Hiring Manager

It was you know what do you do to market you know in general but but that actually is a good segue into talking about something I’m doing with Jeff as well Justin I think Justin and I both have our websites with surefire and then Justin’s you know try spinning off a TBI site maybe I’m spinning off a myopia control site and so we’ll talk.

hiring manager

A little bit about that I did I was glad yes because i just finished nine months of keeping statistics on how patients found me in great detail we all have on our on our entrance forms we all ask people how did you find us and they say yellow I’m not yellow pigs anymore but they’ll say internet they’ll say insurance list they’ll say referral from a friend right you offer that people really seek you out for what’s your secret for advertising.

Those listen the original question but I’m happy to answer that one what you know it’s been a combination of a few things but those are the main ones what about you Alan the specialty services that. I dug down on that and i created a bar graph which should have given you guys to show tonight but the incredible thing is the two largest buckets the largest bucket was word about referrals but I can large bucket my only a tiny sliver was internet.

There were past nine months patients found this via the internet and only the internet and that was because we dug down on that question that’s you know that’s like an average of three hundred dollars per patient revenue to.

My practice had I not had a really robust presence hey we’re talking about thousand dollars that we wouldn’t be looking at in my office so so Ron ternet person word about an impact you know Justin nail that internal marketing is crucial because your highest revenue patients are the ones who already know and trust you and you want to really show them.


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